Sasha Clapper  Ditch Digger

Noah Kort  Dildosmith

Matt Halperin  Command Pilot

Peter Parson  Corn Cop and Haunter

Anjali Hursh  DJ

Kara Steffek  Ice Cream Girl

Elias Comfort McConnell  Recycler

Rita Zee Baker   Theatre and Outings Coordinator

Heather Tatum from Dots

Beth Hanson  Dancer 

Kimberly Crowell  High School Teacher

Christy Noelle Desko  Psychic/Proprietress

Jake Gill  Shoe Shine Nordstrom

Courtney Hermon-Taylor   Vet Tech/Mechanic

Tommy Allen Horse  Whisperer/Cowboy

Mary E. Gregor   Landscape Designer

Mitch Wilson & Dennis Dillion  Volvo Mechanics

Brian Applegate  Death Investigator

Cordelia Elsewhere  Technical Trainer

Sky Trammell  Business Consultant

Anna Marie Burchett  Fit Specialist

Ameena Lacey   Sales and Marketing at Spartacus

Joshua Pangelinan  Barista

Lulu Sharpe   Alchemist at Lulu’s Chocolates

Abby Sherrill  Assistant Brewer

Andrea O’Donnell &  Marcie Messerle Forbes  Registered Nurses OHSU

Evenlyn Weston  Operations Manager

David Chelsea  Commerical Artist

Amanda DeMann  Fromager

Shari L. Jay  Natural Resource Specialist

Tom Barnett  Owner of Agraventure Farms

Tony Mengis  East End Bar Owner

Beware the Tornado- Risking everything for Scared of Chaka.

I’m Going Out- The Auteur star Viva Las Vegas discusses some of her finest onscreen work. 


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