"I Need Sex" Sessions

   Coco Cobra and The Killers 2003 Classic! 

The “I NEED SEX” Sessions
Tons of photos, 12 songs in 16 minutes!


“Love is rabid steam-heat pumping, head-banging energy. Coco Cobra & the Killers has nothing but love. Straight from the heart. Straight from the hip. They sound like the Ramones a la 2006 with a pure, candid female lead. The only weakness I can hear in the music is strictly technical. The vocals are a bit overdriven on a few tracks. The lead, Viva Las Vegas blows past that flaw with machisma, a bravura honesty rarely seen in these studio-perfekt, politically correct days. Guitar, bass, keys, and drums rock! Raw lead vocal energy is the strength of Coco Cobra & the Killers’ sound. This is the vein opened by Buddy Holly and Chuck Berry. It’s like Joan Jett distilled to a concentrated Bad Reputation. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch Cherry Bomb sans versification. Viva’s work has that kind of an explosive volcanic heart–she sings what she means and means what she sings. Coco Cobra & the Killers trumps all sentimental TV promo pablum-puke-pop. It works because it’s pure. Rock and Roll needs leading women with the guts to deliver their power like the way Viva does leading Coco Cobra and the Killers. 
It only gets better. An unreleased second album is available for download Viva Las Vegas’ website” (www.music-hills.com)

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