Hey Baby!


Viva Las Vegas is a Portland, Oregon, based writer and performer who is currently drinking whiskey and listening to the Rolling Stones and thinks you should be, too. While you’re here, you might as well check out her writing in the ARCHIVES, her band’s ROCK’N’ROLL, the FLICKS she’s appeared in, and buy her fabulous memoir MAGIC GARDENS. There’s lots of nudie pics here, too, and if you’re not 18 or don’t like art, you should come back when you are/do. If you’d rather see Viva bare it all in person, check UPCOMING EVENTS. If you’d like to know the minutiae of her daily life, the BLOG might interest you. Come back again soon, y’all!

11 thoughts on “Hey Baby!

  1. Chantal

    Hi Viva, I’m the fellow writer who met you a few years back one afternoon at French Cafe in NYC and we chatted a while. I am in Portland for about 24 hours, arriving Wed mid-day. Would love to meet for coffee, drink etc if you are around. Cheers, CM

  2. english dave

    hi viva so you wrote the book get in touch i,ve got photo,s and posters from the magic,s looking forward to reading the book and hopefully making it to dantes on tuesday all the best dave


    Finished reading the book over the weekend: wonderful! Bought 2 more copies to send to friends who need to read it.

  4. Christopher

    Here is the boy with the adorable lisp you loved and who bought your book at the East End. It was good. I enjoyed it, because it took me back to a period in Portland that I always heard about but never got to live through. I usually hate memoirs(sp?) just because I don’t approve of self addvertisment, but your book was very entertaining. Bravo!

  5. dawn pichon barron

    would love to hear you read. am starting Gray Skies Reading Series in Olympia, WA – interested in spreading, no pun intended, your words in our small port town?

  6. Mr. Salmon

    The Pink Glove video

    Hey, maybe Coca Cobra and the Killers could provide the sound for a post punk version filmed at Dante’s?


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